Music is my #1. I started playing guitar my freshman year in college. I took my dad’s old Alvarez acoustic and was determined to teach myself how to play it. Two years later, I tried out for my first band. As it turned out, they didn’t need a guitar at all. They were looking for a rockin bass player, so I got my first bass and, BOOM, I was in the band and I’ve been a bass player ever since.

In 2004, I joined a crazy dreadlocked guitar shredding chick, Adrian Conner, to form Adrian and the Sickness. We recorded and released several albums during our time together, and toured all over the states. In 2011, I joined forces with Aussie siblings, Amber and Clinno, in their bad ass rock band, BugGiRL, and I got to add Europe and Australia to the list of places I’ve played. Touring and playing with these two bands was the best time of my life.

Here are a few of my favorite recordings that I played bass on.
[html5mp3 id=1]