Music Classes

girlguitar2Girl Guitar is a community of women in Austin, Texas, who come together to learn about music over a glass of wine… or two. Classes include guitar, vocals, bass, rock band, metal band, and more.

I, myself, teach beginner bass classes, rock band and metal band classes. In bass, we focus on learning many techniques on the bass guitar as we explore different genres of music from country to blues to metal.  Rock band and metal band classes usually have two guitarists, a bassist, a vocalist, a drummer and sometime a keyboardist. Each band member is a beginner to intermediate musician. During each session, the bands learn 3 to 4 songs to play at the showcase at the end.  Friends and families pack Antone’s for an all-day event where each band, instrument class, and even individuals get to show what they’ve learned.  It’s like fantasy camp for ladies who want to rock!

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