Bass Cover: School’s Out by Alice Cooper

I made this video for one of my students at Girl Guitar, a couple years ago.  We were learning this song in the classic rock band class on Tuesday nights.


  1. Hi girl.
    Just wanted to introduce myself! I’m a fellow chick bassist as well!! My friend RC told me bout you.. & mentioned you used to have a Sabbath cover band!!:) that’s pretty rad!!!! I think we have lots of things in common. Loving life and living the dream!!!

    Anyway hope to see ya around!!


    1. Hey Rachel,
      Nice to meet you. I only get spam comments on here so I quit checking a long time ago. Sorry I missed your message. Thanks for dropping by. I’m checking out the video on your site. Very cool! Maybe I can catch y’all around Austin sometime.
      Keep Rockin!

      1. i love this song because it brings back so many memroies (:me and my best friend did a dance duet to this song and the was the first moment when i realised i had fallen for him (:

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