Welcome to The Jam Room, Austin TX!

The Jam Room is a supportive space for ladies to come together, socialize, learn about music, rock out and conquer their fears. Instructor, Heather Webb, is a multi-instrumentalist and 25-year veteran of the rock show. She offers band classes, songwriting groups and a variety of music workshops.




Jazz, country, rock, punk; Melodie Zapata has done it all! In the "Foundations of Rock Drums" workshop, she shares vital techniques, tips and tricks to help get your drumming rock-solid. This workshop is essential for self-taught players and beginners, who want to learn tried-and-true methods to most efficiently kick ass on the drums. Only $50 to register!

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You thought bass was going to be easy?  Can't quite reach those reach those frets in time?  Left hand lookin' all crazy when you play?  Does your bass sound poppy or buzzy?  Does your hand or wrist hurt after one song?  Chances are, you might be doing it wrong.  Come to the Bass Basics Workshop to learn the proper techniques for fast, bouncy and awesome bass riffs.  This rock-n-roll based workshop is for beginners and self-taught players, and will help you to hold down a solid and steady bass line more easily and accurately.

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Each class is a full band, including vocals, guitars, keys, bass, drums, and sometimes more. We meet once a week, for 6 weeks, for an hour and a half. The classes are designed to provide a fun and supportive space for people who are learning their instrument and want to take their playing to the next level. Each session, we will focus on learning 3 (or more) songs as a group. At the end of the six weeks, we'll throw a big party for friends and family, to showcase what each band learned during the session.


Price per class: $150
Classes begin Mar 17th
Showcase: Sat, May 4
Showcase Location: TBD



Monday 7pm - Eagles - songs from the long run


Wednesday 7pm - classic Rock


thursday 10:30am - led zeppelin


thursday 12pm - one hit wonders


Sunday 3pm - female fronted rock


Sunday 4:30pm - punk'd - punk versions of non-punk songs