Welcome to The Jam Room, Austin TX!

The Jam Room is a supportive space for ladies to come together, socialize, learn about music, rock out and conquer their fears. Instructor, Heather Webb, is a multi-instrumentalist and 25-year veteran of the rock show. She offers band classes, songwriting groups and a variety of music workshops.





Each class is a full band, including vocals, guitars, keys, bass, drums, and sometimes more. We meet once a week, for 6 weeks, for an hour and a half. The classes are designed to provide a fun and supportive space for people who are learning their instrument and want to take their playing to the next level. Each session, we will focus on learning 3 (or more) songs as a group. At the end of the six weeks, we'll throw a big party for friends and family, to showcase what each band learned during the session.


Price per class: $150
Classes begin May 20
Showcase: Sat, July 13
Showcase Location: TBD



Monday 7pm - Yacht Rock
Tuesday 7pm - Tribute to Chris Cornell
Wednesday 7pm - classic Rock
thursday 10:30am - led zeppelin
thursday 12pm - one hit wonders
Sunday 3pm - hard rock
Sunday 4:30pm - punk'd




Announcing our second workshop with Melodie Zapata in the Saturday Drum Series! In Drum Maintenance, she shows you all about the different parts of the drum kit. Special focus of this workshop will be on changing drum heads and techniques of tuning. A new set of heads on your old kit make a world of difference that you can not only hear, but also feel. Don't drag your entire kit to the drum shop when you need new heads! Save money and time and do it yourself!!

Only $50 to register!

DRUM WORKSHOP: <-Click here to pay via Paypal

Or send $50 through Venmo, @webbofrock.